13 JANUARY 2017 @ 8:05 AM BY REUTERS 

ANKARA: Turkey hopes the incoming US administration under President-elect Donald Trump will “correct the mistake” of allying with the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in the fight against Islamic State, Defence Minister Fikri Isik said on Thursday. 

Turkey views the YPG as an extension of the PKK militant group, which has waged a three-decade insurgency in Turkey and is considered a terrorist organisation by Ankara, the United States and the European Union. Isik was speaking at a conference of Turkish ambassadors in the capital Ankara.

 — Reuters


Author: Greensilverblue

بسم اللّه الرحمن الرحيم ربنا لا تواخذنا إن نسينا أو أخطأنا، ربنا ولا تحمل علينآ إصرا كما حملته على الذين من قبلنا، ربنا ولا تحملنا ما لا طاقة لنا به، واعف عنا واغفر لنا وارحمنا أنت مولىنا فانصرنا على القوم الكفرين

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